About Me


  • Company - especially ladies, especially pretty ones

  • Riding around in a car - any car!

  • Riding round in boats -- this used to be  dislike until the summer of 2010

  • Parties - especially if there is a camp fire or barbecue involved,

  • Stealing socks.

  • Camping on a beach

  • Running with my dad especially when he's on his mountain bike or skis

  • A good soak in the lake or the sea.


  • People leaving after a visit

  • People shutting the door - including the loo or the shower

  • Swimming

  • Bagpipes

  • Scrapheap Challenge


My name is Beau. I was born on January 13th 2003 in the county of Yorkshire. Things didn't start off too well for me and by the time I was seven months old I was with Border Collie Rescue for re-homing for a second time. In October, my mum and dad (the human ones, that is) lost their old collie, Barney, to cancer. They couldn't cope without a dog, which is where my luck took an up-turn. They found out about me after calling Border Collie Rescue, and drove 200 miles the same afternoon to check me out. We liked each other and I moved down south with them.

It was when I got there that I started to think that life might turn out to be rather good. Dad is heavily into windsurfing and there is a lake just 5 miles from the house - not the one in the banner, that one's in Scotland. Added to that we have a motor home and we spend a lot of time living at the lakeside. We also spend a lot of time travelling in the motor home to the Highlands of Scotland, the Hebrides and the French Alps. With hill walking, mountain biking, skiing and living the life of a beach bum, life was definitely looking good.

A couple of years ago I was running next to my dad while he was riding his bike and was hit by a car. I was hurt, but not too seriously. Unfortunately when they x-rayed me they discovered I had been born with hip dysplasia, and that arthritis was already setting in. We kept this under control with small doses of rimadyl and heavy doses of glucosamine and omega oils. So I was still able to enjoy my runs, although I found that 10 miles was about as much as I could manage comfortably.

Then in October 2007, I suddenly lost all my energy. I didn't want any dinner one night and the following morning I couldn't raise any enthusiasm for a bike ride with my dad. That set alarm bells ringing and he booked me in to see the vet the same day. (After losing Barney, Mum and Dad watch over me like hawks)

I'm  really lucky in that I have a superb vet. Julia Boness' practice is a fully equipped veterinary hospital with highly trained staff and the facilities to do a lot of their own testing. Just from a description of my symptoms, the vet warned us that there was a possibility it might be IMHA. I had a high temperature so I was kept in over-night. My blood was analysed and I was given a body scan.

The results came back as Coombs positive,  but with no sign that the disease was triggered by parasitic infection. Spleen and liver seemed okay. PCV (red blood count) was hovering around the 20 mark. So the treatment started - and so did my diary.