About us


Offering both whole courses structured around GCEs in Ancient History and British & European History, and short ‘Understanding History and Archaeology ’ courses, we aim to provide a varied, informative and entertaining service for anyone wanting to learn about the Past in a structured and enjoyable manner.


 Who are we?

 Fran and John Andel. Based in Bedfordshire, England we have worked in adult education for over twenty years, in John's case, over 30 years! We've both worked for the Open University.

John has a BA (hons), MEd, and DipAE and Fran has a BA (Hons) and a Masters Degree. We are totally committed to maintaining a service for adults who want to learn in a friendly, sociable and enjoyable environment. This is why we are organising trips and study days to back up our Distance Learning Courses. We already do this locally and know from experience how much students benefit from these 'days out'.


 Why have we decided to set up this provision?

 Adult education in its previous diverse and stimulating form has effectively disappeared due to  government changes in educational funding and bureaucratic requirements.

You can still learn for life, but only if you can afford expensive fees! The new funding strategies mean many 'academic' type courses will not be offered in AE any more. They will be priced out of existence.  This is especially true of history, archaeology, literature, psychology and others course of the same type.

 Fran's expertise is history, and so we've put together this site to help adults to continue to have access these types of subjects. We'll try to keep the costs as low as we can, and as competitive as we can.

 Our courses will range from the Prehistoric era right through to the English Civil War. They will include short ‘biography’ courses on various British and European monarchs.

 We've tried to cut 'red tape' and 'form filling' down to a minimum. We've also taken off the pressure of having to take a public examination at a given time. Hopefully, we're giving students the freedom to study when they want to, where they want to and what they want to at their own pace.

 Distance courses can be lonely, and so we've arranged a series of trips and study days through the year. Family and friends over 18 years of age are also welcome. We hope to expand these in the future.


 What about the dogs?

 Quite a few people have asked. Our beloved Border Collie Barney passed away in September, 2003. Our Beau, the cheeky chap with the white face, was rescued shortly after. We like to think Barney, the ancestor, is looking after his wee brother, hence the dedication on the first page of our website