Day Schools - In Search of Ancient Worlds

At Toddington Village Hall or Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Tebworth

Please make you sure you check out the venue.

Cost £12.00 pr head including light refreshments


The World of Woden and Odin


Saturday 15th January 2011  Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Tebworth, 11 am – 2.00 pm


Part 1. Woden’s World

  • Anglo-Saxon Rites of Passage
  • Anglo-Saxons gods, elves and myths
  • Anglo-Saxon Calendar
  • Magical Law and Healing Spells: Lacnunga & the 9 Herb Charm


Part 2: Odin’s Warriors

  • Viking Rites of Passage
  • World View & gods of the Vikings
  • Myths, sagas and magical months

 There will a break for tea and biscuits in between


The Last Norman Kings

Saturday 29th January 2011- Toddington Village Hall 10 am – 2 pm.


 Part 1:

  • The Last Years of Henry I and his troublesome daughter Matilda
  •  Was Stephen entitled to the English throne?
  • Henry I’s death and final wishes


Part 2: Stephen: King of England, 1135 - 1140

  • What was Stephen like as King? Who supported him
  • Why did Stephen lose support?
  • Why did Matilda invade with her half-brother?
  • What happened at Lincoln?


Part 3: 1140 – 1150:-

  • Why was Matilda defeated?
  • What happened at Winchester?
  • Count Henry & His Father


Part 4: 1150 – 54:-

  • Why were Stephen’s sons overlooked in favour of Henry?
  • How was the transition made from Norman to Angevin kings?



King Arthur: tales, myths and legends

12th Feb: Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Tebworth: . 10 am – 2 pm



Ancient Worlds of  Mesopotamia: Sumer and Akkad and early Babylon

9th April: Chalgrave Memorial Hall,  Tebworth:  11am – 2pm



The Rise of Egypt: the Dynastic Period.

14th May: Toddington Village Hall:    11am – 2pm



Egypt: the Old Kingdom and its neighbours, 2686 – 2181 BC (Nomarchs, Punt and the Rise of Minoa)

4th June: Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Tebworth: . 11 am – 2 pm



The Middle Kingdom: 2100 – 1650 BC: The Assyrians; Babylonians and Minoans.

18th June: Chalgrave Memorial, Tebworth:  11 am – 2 pm



The Period of Change: 1650 – 1000: Egypt; Hittites, Minoans, the Sea Peoples and Phoenicia. The Rise of Mycenae.

9th July: Toddington:  10 am – 2 pm.



The fall of Minoa and Mycenae: The Greek Dark Ages & early Greece, Etruria and Rome

3rd September: Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Tebworth: : 11 am to 2 pm



Greece & Persia 500 – 404

17th September: Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Tebworth: : 11 am – 2 pm



Greece,Thebes and Macedon: Philip and Alexander: the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt.

1st Oct: : Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Tebworth: 



Rome: Republic, Carthage and the European Celts

15th Oct: Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Tebworth:



Rome: The Rise of Christianity and Empire

12th Nov: Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Tebworth:



The end of the Celtic World

26th November: Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Tebworth: