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25th Dec


Which makes it Christmas day - an exciting finish to what has been an exciting week or more.  Not long after mum and dad got the lights up on the tree in the house and the one in the garden, it started to snow. I know what that means - holidays and fun. Dad hung the bike up in the garage and down came the skis from the attic. So for the last week or more it has been walks/runs in the white stuff again. We overdid it the first day with a ten mile run. Both of us were knackered after that one. So after that we took things just a little more easily.

People came round at various times with presents FOR ME which were put under the tree. I did a stock take several times a day. Rusty came round one morning and mum took a present from under the tree and gave it to HIM. I wasn't very impressed with that. But all in all I came out well ahead in the present stakes. Last night I was allowed to open them. Again I wasn't sure which I liked best, the presents or the process of ripping the wrapping paper off them.

 Happy Christmas everybody!!!



Its been hard work opening all the presents

but worth all the effort

No we're not in Scotland, but you could be forgiven for thinking that we are

We have trees here too - but not as impressive as the ones in the forests there.

1st Dec


Well summer is well and truly over. Dad and I moved back to the house a few weeks ago after fireworks night was over. There wasn't much noise at the lake so I didn't get scared. The nights are really getting long now so it was definitely time to move into a nice comfortable house with heating and a big TV. Normally this time of year Dad's starting to pack the van ready to go to Scotland. This year the Christmas decorations have started  going up around the house. We even went off into the woods and came back with a tree for the back garden. That is definitely a Scotland thing. I'm beginning to think that we might stay at home this year. I'm quite looking forward to that as it means I should get plenty of visitors.

Health is still good - apart from pulling a muscle in my shoulder. Dad is insisting on short walks at a leisurely pace. Getting quite frustrated at that. Hope we can return to the bike routine soon.


27th Sept


What a great month! All three of us have been living at the lake for the last few weeks with just the odd visit to the house. And the weather has been fantastic too. A real Indian summer. Its been fairly quiet during the week but it really comes alive during the weekends. Dad and I have been doing a windsurfing instructors course. Dad got a bit stressed about it, doing lots of practice and reading. I was a lot more casual. I knew I have the natural talent to wing it. Mind you, even I made sure that I paid attention to the trainer when he was explaining things. It is great being part of a team.

Oh yeah the health thing. Almost forgot about that. Been off the meds for 6 weeks now with no ill effects. Not sure what the fuss was about really. Oh and apparently I'm to be Mr. October on the the Meisha's hope website. Not quite sure what that means, but it sounds like a little more well-deserved fame.

29th Aug


It has been a strange summer. It is the first one in my life that we haven't spent it living on a beach on the island of Tiree. Mum said she didn't feel like being a beach bum this year. Dad said he did, but that he could do that just as easily at the lake. So that 's where we have been for the last couple of months. I've actually enjoyed it more. There are people around most days to socialise with. It's cool to hang in the clubhouse with the guys and I see Rusty every day and my other doggie chums on a regular basis. The water is not so cold as the sea which means I can wallow in it to my heart's content without aggravating my arthritis.

On the health front - I had my jab to protect me against Veil's disease with no ill effects. The blood screen came out showing I was still fairly well protected against other nasties like canine distemper, so my immune system hasn't been completely knocked out. Auntie Julia suggested it would be a good time to try taking me off the steroids altogether. I have been drug free for over 2 weeks now, and my pcv on Friday was exactly the same as the previous one 44. I have managed to lose half a kilo, but whether that's due to the lack of steroids or just a fluke, we don't know.


I had a present from an Auntie I haven't met in the USA. She sent me this bandanna. It reads Meisha's hope and commemorates her dog who had IMHA. The price of the bandanna supports the research work of the Morris Animal foundation.

Other fashion stars sporting this "must have" accessory can be seen by clicking here.

2nd July


In the middle of a minor heat wave at the moment. Daytime temperatures in the lower 30s, night time often 20+. Much more pleasant here at the lake where I can just have a quick soak when I feel too hot. Keeping our daily walks to a shortened 2 - 3 miles and taking them early in the day.

Went to see Auntie Julia last week. The usual blood letting. A bit more than usual this time because she felt it was time to do a full screening. I didn't enjoy that too much. But then it got worse! Dad mentioned I had a tangle of fur at the base of my spine. I wish he hadn't. She got a big comb and insisted on combing it out. That was both undignified and painful. We get the results next week, and that's when decisions are made about whether and what inoculations are needed. Given the amount of time I spend at/in the lake, taking precautions against Veil's disease seems sensible. I had that injection last year and it didn't trigger anything nasty off. Oh, and pcv is 44 - quite satisfactory.

16th June 2009

Well, that was a weekend! People kept talking about dad's 60th. I had no idea what that was about. I still don't  but judging by the party, it must have been something special. For once I was glad when the weekend was over and I could get some rest.

Then we heard some bad news. An old chum, Dag died. He was pretty old - 16 or 17 they reckon, but he was a good person. An old Czech saying when somebody like that goes "Škoda dobrého člověka.!" Hard to translate into English but the gist is that it is a shame/waste of a good person. I didn't know him very well myself. My big brother Barney knew him better. He didn't get on with Dag very well, but at the age he was when they met he didn't get on with anybody very well as far as dogs were concerned. As far as human people were concerned - well he wasn't really. So I place no value on his judgement of character.

While we speak your name Dag, you live on.

9th June 2009

The weather started to get better soon after we got back from France, so I guess it's not surprising that we are spending more and more time at the lakeside again.

There's just one thing better than being with my chum rusty at the lake



That's when I manage to steal his ball. God how he hates that! I love it!

The squirrls are back again

They aren't the only ones

Some young swans like to swim, and others prefer ot hitch a ride

1st May 2009

It's been a long time since my last entry, but I'm glad to say that does not mean bad news. In fact I went back to the vet for another pcv today and the score is back up to 46 after a slight slump to 43 in March! So everything seems to be stable. Unfortunately so is my weight at just over 25 kg.

March and early April saw us back in France. Ten days in the Jura to begin with. Turns out that we arrived there at just the same time as my chum Jake headed on the Alps. Must try and link up next time.

Sow was fabulous - best for years. So lots of great runs in the snow with dad on his xc skis. The great thing was that I knew (practically) all the places we went. When we got to the square outside the apartment block in Valmorel, I just had to rush around in circles in the snow. Met lots of four footed friends there

Not really sure where I  like it best, Valmorel or the Jura. Both are lots of fun when the snow is this good. Dad tried to sneak off on his xc skis once. I wasn't having that. AS soon as mum opened the van door a fraction, I was off! Dad didn't get more than a couple of miles before I caught up with him. Mind you I was a bit wary of mum when I got back. Not sure what kind of reception I was going to get.

Just as well we didn't see that sign before we set off. People here don't really mind, though.

I like to spend a bit of time with mum too

Sometimes I get ahead of myself and have to wait for dad.

It's so exciting being back here again

A quick run over the bridge

and down into the village

When dad decides to go out on his own, I have to take it out on something

And at the end of the day when I am tired out, a nice snuggle in some towels is called for
9th Feb 2009

We left the Highlands earlier than last year. Mum had a check-up at the hospital she had to get to. Seems she's making almost as miraculous a recovery as I did. I was a bit depressed at leaving, but when I saw all my chums again and had visits from various aunties, it made up for it.

Our normal exercise routine got a very pleasant variation last week when the snow came down. Dad left the bike hanging in the garage and brought down the cross country skis from the loft. That turned quite a few heads, I can tell you. I just basked in the reflected glory. The most common comment from the local kids was "No way! That's really cool!" Not quite sure what that means exactly but it can't be bad. I kept getting  a lot of attention and I'm certainly not averse to that. 

No return to the vet yet, so no update on pcv. Mum and dad are talking about holidays in France, so I guess I'll get another check over before we go. Doesn't seem to be any reason for concern. Energy levels are high, absolutely nothing wrong with my appetite and mum and dad seem very happy at the colour of my gums.

Sometimes it's me with the smile on my face while dad's gritting his teeth in concentration

Other times dad has the smile while I concentrate on the terrain

Good to see mum out here on her snowshoes. A scritch behind the ear is always worth stopping for.