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30th December


Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New year to all my on-line chums.

What do you think of the tree that Dad brought home?



Winter is well and truly on us. It started snowing before Christmas, so true to our normal routine, the mountain bike was abandoned in favour of xc skis. We had about ten days of it before the thaw just before New Year. As usual we overdid things most days - anywhere between 8 and 16 km a day. I think we were both relieved when the thaw came. I had a problem that I haven't had before - the fur between my tows started to collect balls of ice. Dad trimmed the fur and tried applying wax and Vaseline. The last seemed to be the best remedy.

We had a visit from my cousin Reg. He's a one year old terrier. He bounces around a lot, but he did readily acknowledge who was top dog so I didn't have to tell him off very often.

I had another check-up at the vets. PCV is steady at 44, so no grounds for concern there. I was also given a general screening to try to determine whether I need any booster inoculations. Haven't been back for the results though. Mum and Dad are very reluctant to do anything that might trigger off the IMHA. None of us want that. I am fitter now than I have been for years. My weight is down to 21.5 kg - pretty well my ideal weight. That means  I have lost 4.5 kg since I came off the meds. Dad reckons I have just passed it on to him

18th October


The summer is well and truly over so we have moved back to the house. We did have some good weather at the beginning of the month, but there was frost on the ground when we went for our run this morning.

I managed to get a lot of time in the rescue boat. Because we have to be seen to be following all safety regulations, dad bought me a life jacket to wear in the boat. I reckon I look really cool in it.

13th July


Goodness, more than half a year gone and we have only just got around to updating the diary. I dare say that some people might have started to think that my health had taken a turn for the worst and that I might not be around. Far from it! Next month it will be a year since I came off my meds and there has been no need for worry. Can't even remember when I had my last pcv. Just a couple of routine visits to vets here and in France. What is more, the effects of the steroids are beginning to wear off. Last weight check showed my down to 23.5 kilos. That's a drop of over 2 kilos, nearly 10% of my body weight.

So why no diary? Just been too damned busy getting on with life and enjoying myself. Much of what I have been doing is a repeat of what I did last year, with some minor variations. Cross country skiing at home to begin with, followed by a trip to the Jura and Alps in France after which dad and I moved back to the lake taking advantage of some pretty consistent good weather


Uncle Andy has spent a week at the lakeside. Couldn't really understand what he was doing, as all he seemed to do is sit inside or outside a cramped tent thing with bits of thin string dangling in the water. Then it all became clear. Its called fishing. And sometimes you get lucky.

What the hell is that? Mind you it looks tasty, can we get the barbie going?


We've had something of a heat wave with temperatures hitting the low 30s C. It has been good being able to wallow in the lake whenever I needed cooling down. Then dad had the idea of enticing me into the rescue boat. I've always backed off in the past, but thought I would give it a go. And do you know something, it's actually great fun going at speed with the wind rushing through your fur. Dad doesn't have as much as me, but he seems to enjoy it too.




Back to the Jura in France for a few weeks. It was pretty cold when we got there We needed chains just to get into the caravan park. Water pipes froze up, so after a couple of days we had to go down the valley to thaw the van out, and after that it was okay. It was also very windy so dad and I stuck to some x country trails in the shelter of the trees. Then the sun came out and dad started sneaking off for a few hours on his downhill skis. The big surprise came after we had been there a coupe of weeks. Who should turn up but my chums from the lake Jake and Dillon.

Now where did they spring from? Mind you, it's great having your friends around.


What does mum think she is doing, pretending to be a ballerina? I'm still a bit confused as to how they got here, they belong to the lake don't they?


It's good to see that my French girlfriend is still around and keen on me. She comes to see me at least a couple of times a day on the campsite.


Valmorel was confusing this year. The place looked the same, but for some reason dad had chosen an apartment in a hamlet that we don't usually stay in. It was much more luxurious with a balcony you could stare from and watch the world go by. But every time we passed our old apartment block, I wanted to go upstairs and back to where we normally stay. But the runs were the same and I made the most of them

At least mum can take some piccies of me from the balcony


We have to pass the Altispace to get to the village. And has it snowed!

Have you got this one? I'm very important.

Sometimes it all gets too much and I have to crash out for a while.