Photos 2011- 2018

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Less a diary now than a series of pics showing many of my experiences over the last 8 years. I've been too busy living and enjoying myself to keep a systematic diary.

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Uncle Barry Rivett made this film of me on rescue boat duty. You must watch it.



Wishing you a happy 2016

Back at Bunree, Scotland again

With mum Svetlana in the heather - in Ampthill


No we're  not scared of the Russians. We are the local Home Guard

Dad says now the snow's gone its time for some serious "Easy Riding" with our buddies

Nice to have fields behind the house. Nobody can build there. They're OURS


Pour fliciter 2014 on the beach at Machovo Jezero


What can one say?

At least I have a coat on.

With Mika




Melody is a lovely girl - but she can be a bit snappy

On the high ridges of the Krkonoe mountains

We're really going to spend over an hour in that?


Honouring the Czechoslovaks who fought for freedom

Tent camping is fun too, especially when you have a step sister as  pretty and kin as Alca

My new mum Svetlana is lovely, kind and fun


Beau Watch?

Brog Watch?


The lake used to be a great, friendly place


Guess its time to pack up and go

Who says dad never takes us anywhere

Good to relax


This is where we laid mum, Fran,  to rest. We visit every time we're in England

And this is our new/old home

Our heating for the winter


Me and Rusty the social activists

28th January



The Christmas celebrations are over, and I was just settling down to a nice, quiet, if somewhat boring time. Then uncle Tony came round with Rusty and a suitcase full of dog food. Turns out that Rusty is going to stay with us for a few weeks while his mum and dad go to New Zealand. Some people wondered if I would get jealous. Why on earth should I? We're mates!!  We don't even try to eat each other's dinner. We just chill out together.


Rusty is really great at catching balls. I like to supervise

Every dog needs a rest now and then

But then it's time to get someone to throw a ball again.