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Beau died on 10th January 2018, just 3 days before his 15th birthday. This is a good age for any dog, but for one who was diagnosed with IMHA in 2007 and given only a one in three chance of surviving the first month, this longevity is quite simply miraculous.

He was fortunate  to have an excellent vet in England. Julia Boness has a veterinary hospital in mid Bedfordshire. She has great staff in all senses of the word - highly qualified, professional and very caring. The care they bring to their patients is underpinned by state of the art equipment and technology. He later had the same standard of care, kindness and support in the Czech Republic from Milan Richter, his family and his staff.

He stopped receiving  any medication for IMHA in 2010. Shortly after he had to start taking heavy medication for the arthritis in his hips caused by the hip dysplasia he was born with. We knew that one of the side effects potentially life shortening damage to his kidneys and liver, but thought that quality of life was more important. In the end he had both quality and longevity.

Until 2016 he was still managing to to run 3 kilometres or more each day, but his mobility slowly declined from the end of that year. The decline really speeded up after Christmas 2017, and in the end could hardly stand unaided. Despite that he remained cheerful till the end, with a ready grin for any visitors - especially ones bringing gifts. Blood tests showed both kidney and liver failure which would have led to a very rapid and painful deterioration. We couldn't subject him to that kind of suffering, so we said our sad farewells. He gave us much joy and pleasure, and we miss him enormously. But we do have our memories ....

Beau  a really great life and have had loads of experiences over the years. We'd like to share some of these with you through photos on this website. Click on Diary to see them