A large number of specific links will appear in the course materials. This page will develop as something of a "webliography" covering many aspects of history.  It will never be exhaustive. It will merely be a compilation of sites that we have found interesting. Many belong to people who we know/have worked with/will be working with in the preparation and delivery of our programme of courses and activities

When you click on one of the links below, you will be opening a new window. To return to this web site, simply close the new window.

Guy de la Bédoyère -an authority on such diverse subjects as Roman History,  Second World War aviation archaeology and the diaries of John Evelyn. Frequently to be seen on the Time Team

The official web site of Julian Richards, archaeologist, broadcaster and writer, probably best known for the TV series Meet the Ancestors and Blood of the Vikings

Richard Jones, best known to many for his appearances on the television programme Most Haunted

This website address will take you to the Virtual Tour of the Petrie Collection of Archaeology

Web site of Xllll Legio Gemina Victrix, the 14th Legion a.k.a. The Roman Military  Research Society

Butser Ancient Farm was set up by Dr. Peter Reynolds, considered by many to be the father of experimental archaeology

David Freeman, experimental archaeologist and authority on iron age cultures and specifically the Celts in Britain. Good links to other web sites

Ghost events led by well known paranormal expert Phil Whyman and his team. Phil has written a book on ghosts and has appeared on TV’s Most Haunted.

Bespoke Historical Clothing

Ever wanted to buy a Tudor or Elizabethan costume for an event or a wedding? If so, try Anthony Moorhouse’s wonderful site on Historical Costumes. Anthony specializes in Medieval, Tudor and Elizabethan clothing from shirts and shifts to full court dress, as well as historically inspired wedding dresses. Incredibly talented and creative (and a very dear friend) Anthony’s creations are handmade to your own specifications.

The Retirement Education Centre of Bedford  is a unique organisation offering an enormous variety of courses and activities for all people over 50 years young in Bedfordshire and the surrounding area

Companions 2 Travel has been set up for like minded people to get together and find a travel companion. Whether you are single, divorced or widowed or perhaps you are married and have a stay at home partner, there will be someone similar to yourself on C2T. Maybe you are looking for companions to share a Round the World Trip or someone to enjoy leisure activities with closer to home. It’s all possible at Companions 2 Travel!

 Companions 2 Travel welcomes members worldwide and offers a FREE Trial Membership so you can take a look around the site and see if it’s for you. So, if you're thinking of a coach trip around Scotland, a Caribbean cruise or backpacking through Asia, log on and see.

Ever wondered what it would be like to stay in a traditional Hebridean Taigh Dubh - Black house? With all mod cons, of course. Plus the chance to learn some Scots Gaelic.

Bunree holiday cottages and caravans, where we stay in the Highlands of Scotland each winter. Great base for touring the Western Highlands and historical Lochaber.  Superb walks. Good quality accommodation. Well behaved pets very welcome.


Links to Historical Fiction

While much historical fiction lacks depth, some authors go to extraordinary lengths to research the  history of the time and place in which they set their plots. In those cases, particularly when footnotes and a bibliography are added, you can get a fascinating read as well as gaining a real insight into the events of the time. Rumour has it that when the first Flashman novel was published, not a few academics were convinced that there really had been a discovery of previously unknown memoirs, causing a temporary frisson of excitement in the academic world

The Sharpe series is set in the time of the Napoleonic wars. The Starbuck series is set in the American civil war. Add King Arthur, Stonehenge and various others and you have quite a time line to choose from

Mediaeval crime fiction. The lead character is a former Knights Templar. Mike is meticulous in his research, and these books are a wonderful introduction to the Middle Ages.

A brace of web sites about the books of John Maddox Roberts. Nobody seems to have been able to find his own web site. The popular SPQR series is set in Rome at the time of the end of the Republic. Great attention to detail.

One of many sites dedicated to the cad Harry Flashman. Fantastic footnotes give detailed  historical background to Harry's bawdy adventures.

 Author of numerous crime fiction novels set in 1st century BC Rome. Currently working on a novel on the history of Rome. This will be a monumental aid to the study of Ancient Rome. Steven, for all his humility, is an eminent Ancient Historian, and his research and attention to detail is outstanding. His Gordianus books aren't just a good read, they are totally evocative of the period - and mightily educational.