Photo Gallery
The early years - before my diagnosis and the diary. Click on the thumbnail and a bigger picture will come up in a new window. Just shut the window when you have had your fill.

First time at the lake in the camper - life's looking up

And if you have a mate to share it with, so much the better. My mate Rusty

So this is what hill walking is all about. Cairngorms Spring 04

Why can't this be my present?

 I like ladies!

I like ladies!!

With Maz, Alice and Mum


Life, as they say, is a beach. Great to have friends to rush around with. Tiree 2004

And then of course there's Harvey - the Machair Monster

Mum on bay watch duty while I chill with Auntie Liz and Auntie Anne 2007

Sunset on Balaphetris bay, Tiree

Party in the van, on the dunes, with Uncle Gordie and Auntie Jo

Another one, this time we've been joined by Jackie and Bill's knee. Don't know where the rest of him was.

Uncle Gordie e-mailed to say we shouldn't have airbrushed his hair out of the previous picture. I agree, it was a childish joke. Here it is, back again

OK, its a fair cop, constable, but when I said weed I meant seaweed

With my mates Joe and Rio on a 2000 year old broch (fort)

No, you're not seeing double. This is my mate Shian.

With mum at a Roman circus in France

With more friends on a caravan park in France

Is it an airport or a beach?

Dailmor on Lewis

With Dad in An Gearannan on Lewis

What did you say I'm supposed to do with these?

How's this for natural camouflage?

Did I say I like cars? That applies to cable cars too.

Bunree Christmas 04. Who's got a new present?

And did I say I like snow? This is Valmorel in the French Alps