Sample Help

It would be a good idea to print out this page and read it before you start the download process. It is actually quite simple, but might seem daunting at first sight.

  • Decide which versions of the files you need to download first. It depends on whether you have Microsoft Office,  MsWORD, or Ms Powerpoint installed.
  • Then create a new folder where you can store the files you will be downloading. C:/My Documents/History Sample/ is a good idea.
  • Then right click on the files that you want to download. You will be prompted for the folder you want to save them in. Just type in the file path and folder, or "browse" your way to it.
  • Download the appropriate version of each file
  • Save it
  • Print out the Sample (study text)
  • Print out the Sample Show Notes
  •  View the show by opening Powerpoint and viewing samplepresentation.pps, or by double clicking on the file in Windows Explorer

You don't have Office, WORD and or Powerpoint? 

  • Download the RTF version of the documents which can be read in any WP software
  • Then Download the Sample self extracting ZIP file which contains a free Powerpoint Viewer to a folder of your choice - it would be a good idea to create a subfolder in C:/My Documents/History Sample/ called Presentation cd
  • To view the show, double click on play.bat in the folder where you have stored the downloaded files.

Note:- A quicker option would be to left click the doc or rtf files and then open and print them without saving first.

We hope this works because this is the first time we have tried this particular procedure. Please let us know one way or another.

Do remember that the process will be far less complicated for sold courses because these will be distributed on cd.

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